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Elevator Total Solutions Contract Manufacturer Custom Manufacturing One stop Sourcing Elevator Components Supplier Global Elevator Partner Full Elevator Replacement Elevator Escalator Spare Parts for New Installations MAINTENANCE UPGRADES REFURBISHMENTS REPLACEMENTS MODERNIZATIONS CEP Elevator Products China Co Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in the design production and marketing of elevator package and elevator components services and was the first to provide an elevator total solution in the early 1999s in China Our products include different elevator packages escalators moving sidewalks car parking systems as well as elevator components accessories Up to three new...

Categories and Products

Elevator Components

Elevator Traveling Cable

Elevator Flat Traveling Cable Speed≤1.6m/s High Speed Elevator Travelling Cable ≤10m/s Elevator Travelling Cable CCTV CAT6 Elevator Traveling Cable Hanger Elevator Round Traveling Cable for USA and Canada Elevator Flat Traveling Cable ≤6m/s Elevator Traveling Cable Solutions Elevator Flat Traveling Cable ≤4m/s Elevator Flat Traveling Cables ≤4m/s High Speed Elevator Flat Traveling Cable 24-36 Cores Elevator Flat Traveling Cable Shielded High Speed Elevator Round Traveling Cable USA Canada Elevator Flat Traveling Cable Supporting Steel Core Elevator Traveling Cable Shieled Pairs Passenger Elevator Flat Traveling Cable ≤6m/s Standard Elevator Flat Traveling Cable ≤4m/s Elevator Flat Traveling Cable 16 Cores Elevator Flat Traveling Cable 60 Cores Elevator Round Traveling Cable USA ≤6m/s Elevator Round Traveling Cable USA Canada ≤6m/s 

Elevator Complete Control System

Passenger Elevator Control System ≤55kW MRL / OVERHEAD TRACTION Elevator Control System Passenger Elevator Controller Cabinet Pre-wired Cable BWR Braking Resistor for Elevator Inverter 10W-10kW 

Elevator Door System

Mitsubishi type Elevator Cabin Door Operator Selcom type Elevator Car Door Operator Center Opening Elevator Swing Doors Hinged Type Fermator Type Elevator Car Door Operator Mitsubishi type Elevator Door Operator Center Opening Mitsubishi Elevator Door Operator Telescopic Side Opening Selcom type Elevator Car Door Operator Telescopic Custom Elevator Semiautomatic Door Selcom Elevator Landing Door Mechanism Telescopic Selcom Elevator Landing Door Mechanism Center Opening Fermator Elevator Landing Door Device Freight Elevator VVVF Door Operator Landing Door Device Home / Residential Lifts Semiautomatic Doors Four-panels Center Opening Elevator Doors Mitsubishi Type Elevator Landing Door Mechanism Door Motor Damping Pad Mitsubishi type Elevators Door Lock for Home Lift Swing Door Door Closer for Home Elevator Swing Door Wire Rope Roller for Mitsubishi type Doors 90*11*6200 6 Panels Freight Elevator Car Door Operators CO 

Elevator Fixtures

Full Height Elevator COP Swing type Elevator COP Glass Panel Elevator COP 8 Stops Passenger Elevator COP 18 Stops Passenger Lift COP 14 Stops Passenger Elevator COP 12 Stops Passenger Elevator COP 14 Stops Passenger Elevator COP Ultrathin Design 10mm Duplex Elevator LOP Landing Operation Panel Simplex Elevator LOP Landing Operation Panel Elevator HPI Hall Position Indicators Passenger Elevator Push Buttons Passenger Elevator Push Buttons DC24V Passenger Lift Push Buttons Service Elevator Push Buttons Residential Lift Push Buttons Elevator Push Buttons Ultrathin Design Office Building Elevator Push Buttons Lift Push Buttons Hard-wearing & Corrosion Resistant Elevator Push Buttons Hard-wearing & Corrosion Resistant 

Elevator Compensation Chain

Elevator Compensation Chain EU REACH Approval Plastic Coated Elevator Compensation Chain ≤1.75m/s High Speed Elevator Balance Compensation Chain Passenger Elevator Compensation Chain ≤1.75m/s 

Elevator Guide Shoe

Roller Guide Shoe for Car & CWT 80mm Roller Guide Shoe for Cabin & CWT 100mm Elevator Roller Guide for Cabin & CWT 125mm Cabin & Counterweight Side Elevator Roller Guide Shoe Passenger Elevator Sliding Guide Shoe With Coloured Insert Elevator Sliding Guide Shoe With Coloured Insert Coloured Insert Elevator Sliding Guide Shoe Passenger & Goods Elevator Slipper Guide Shoe CWT Guide Shoe for Home Elevators 10mm 16mm Car Guide Shoe for Home Elevators ≤0.65m/s Sliding Guide Shoe for KONE Elevators 9/10/16/16.4mm Sliding Guide Shoe for KONE Elevators 

Elevator Safety Gear

Passenger Elevator Safety Gear Universal Design Instantaneous Elevator Safety Gear Progressive Elevator Safety Gear Progressive Elevator Safety Gear CE Approval Passenger Elevator Progressive Safety Gear Progressive Type Elevator Safety Gear SGR-UD-1 

Elevator Speed Governor

MR Elevator Overspeed Governors Unidirectional OSR-UN-240 MR Elevator Overspeed Governors Bi-directional MRL Elevator Overspeed Governors Bi-directional Two Way MRL Elevator Overspeed Governors MR Elevator Governors Bi-directional Electrical Trigger MRL Elevator Speed Governors ≤1.75m/s MR Elevator Overspeed Governors PB73.3 Elevator Speed Governors High Speed Elevator Overspeed Governors Speed Governor for MRL Elevators ≤1m/s Travel Switch for MRL Elevator Speed Governor XS1-23 Electromegnetic Solenoid for MRL Elevator Governors XS1-25 Speed Governor for MRL Elevators Unidirectional OSR-UN-240A 

Elevator Air Conditioner

50Hz Elevator Air Conditioner Refrigerant R22 50Hz Elevator Air Conditioner Refrigerant R410A 60Hz Elevator Air Conditioner Refrigerant R22 60Hz Elevator Air Conditioner Refrigerant R410A Elevator Air Conditioner NO Water Drips Design 

Elevator Buffer

Energy Dissipation Elevator Oil Buffer External Spring Energy Dissipation Elevator Oil Buffer Innerspring Passenger Elevator Oil Buffer External Spring Passenger Lift Oil Buffer External Spring Passenger / Cargo Elevator Polyurethane Buffers PU Buffers 

Elevator Traction Machine Kits & Packages

Disc Elevator Gearless Machine Rail Installation Passenger Elevator PM Gearless Traction Machine Passenger Lift Gearless Traction Machine Elevator PM Gearless Machine Rearmounted Cooling Fans AC220V/60Hz Elevator VVVF Geared Traction Machine Elevator Overhead Geared Hoisting Machine Horizontal / Vertical Installation Elevator Geared Machines Freight Elevator Geared Machine AC220V/60Hz Passenger Elevator PM Gearless Traction Machine KONE MRL Elevator Gearless Traction Machine MX10 Replacer 

Elevator Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Speed Governor Elevator Traction Steel Wire Rope 8/10/12/13/16mm 

Elevator Rope Fastening

Passenger Elevator Rope Fastening Rope Fastening for Elevator Overspeed Governor Elevator Wire Rope Wedge Socket 6.5mm Rope Fastening Home Elevators/ Residential Elevators 

Elevator Car Assembly

Passenger Elevator Cabin Assembly Five-star Hotel Elevator Car Assembly High-class Office Buildings Elevator Car Assembly MRL Passenger Lift Car Assembly Custom Passenger Elevator Cabin Assembly 

Elevator Rope Gripper

Elevator Rope Gripper Manual Reset Elevator Rope Brake With ACOP UCMP With Rope Gripper from Hollister Whitney Elevator Roper Gripper with ACOP 

Elevator Guide Rail

Elevator Solid Guide Rail Elevator Hollow Guide Rail Elevator Guide Rail Fishplate | Rail Clips 

Elevator Suspension Pulley

Elevator Suspension Pulley Cast Iron Pulley Elevator Diverting Pulley Cast Iron Pulley Passenger Elevator Casting Pulley Elevator Car Top Pulley Casting Pulley Elevator Cast Iron Pulley High Speed Elevator Double Wrap Pulley Passenger Elevator Counterweight Pulley Elevator Crosshead Sheave Assembly Custom Made 

Elevator Ventilating Fan

Passenger Elevator Ventilation Fan Passenger Elevator Ventilating Fan Passenger Elevator Fan with Ball Bearing Universal Elevator Cross Flow Fan FB-9B Passenger & Cargo Elevator Ventilator 

Elevator Frequency Inverter

Fuji Electric FRENIC-Lift Inverter YASKAWA Lift Drive L1000A Fuji FRENIC-Mini Elevator Door Inverter Panasonic Elevator Door Controller AAD03011DK GEFRAN SIEI Lift Inverter AVY3150-EBL-BR4 / 15kW Korean LS Elevator Frequency Inverter SV004IG5-1 GEFRAN SIEI Lift Inverter AVY4185-KBL-BR4 / 18.5kW GEFRAN SIEI Lift Inverter AVY2075-KBL-BR4 / 7.5kW Fuji Inverters for Passenger Elevators FRN15LM1S-4C / 15KW SIEMENS Inverter for Elevator Car Doors 6SE6440-2UC13-7AA1 YASKAWA G7 Inverter for Elevators CIMR-G7B4022 / 22kW YASKAWA 676GL5-JJ Inverter for Elevators CIMR-L5JJ4018 EMERSON CT Inverter for Elevators ES2402 / 7.5kW Panasonic Elevator Door Controller AAD03020DT01 / 0.4kW GEFRAN SIEI Lift Inverter AVY3110-EBL-BR4 / 11kW Delta Elevator Door Operator Inverter VFD004M21A 

Testing Equipment Of Guide Rail

Laser Digital Detector for Guide Rail

Laser Detector for Elevator Guide Rail Coplanarity Laser Corrector for Elevator Guide Rail Installation Laser Detector for Elevator Guide Rail Verticality 

Set Rule for Guide Rail

Set Rule for Elevator Guide Rail Installation 

Elevator Spare Parts

Mitsubishi Elevator Spare Parts

Door Hanger Roller for Mitsubishi Elevators 56*14*6201 Mitsubishi Elevator Door Hanger Roller 72*15*6202 Guide Shoe Insert for Mitsubishi Elevators 10mm 16mm Guide Shoe Insert for Mitsubishi Elevator 10mm 16mm Guide Shoe Head for Mitsubishi Elevator Counterweight Door Gib Door Shoe for Mitsubishi Elevators Guide Shoe for Mitsubishi Elevator Counterweight Guide Shoe for Mitsubishi Elevator Cabin Door Driven Roller Assembly for Mitsubishi Elevators Mitsubishi Elevator PCB KCR-1050A Mitsubishi Elevator Cross Flow Fan QF-330 Mitsubishi GPS-3 Elevator Mainboard KCD-703C Mitsubishi GPS-3 Elevator Driving Board KCR-759C Mitsubishi GPS-3 Elevator PCB KCA-760A Mitsubishi Elevator Group Control PCB KCZ-1203C Push Button for Mitsubishi Elevators LHB-056A Pressure Sensor for Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevators Magnetic Proximity Switch for Mitsubishi Elevators Door Operator PCB DOR-123 for Mitsubishi MRL Elevators Load Weighting Device for Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevators 

Hyundai Elevator Spare Parts

Hyundai Elevator UCMP Board 20400474 SIO Board for Hyundai Elevators 204C2305 CCB-3/CCB-7 Car Top Interface Board for Hyundai Elevators Level Transducer Leveling Inductor Hyundai Elevators Door Inverter Controller for Hyundai Elevators Door Operator Board for Hyundai Elevators HIDC-N Door Lock Roller 162C098G03 for Hyundai Elevators Landing Door Locking Device for Hyundai Elevators Hyundai Elevator LOP Landing Operation Panel Hyundai STVF5 Elevator Mainboard 204C2401 Push Button for Hyundai Elevator COP LOP HIVD900G Inverter Mainboard for Hyundai Elevators HELCO MAIN BOARD for Hyundai HIVD700G Inverter Hyundai Elevator Door Hanger Roller 65*15*6202 LOP Indicator HDOT-236M Hyundai Elevator STVF-2S LOP Indicator HIPD-CAN for Hyundai Elevators Hyundai Elevator STVF9 WBVF-C Main Board Hyundai Inverter Mutual Inductor PCB H9G SENSING Bd Inverter Driving Board WBVF Gate Hyundai Elevator Hyundai Inverter Power Supply Board PB-H9G15ISF 

OTIS Elevator Spare Parts

Door Hanger Roller for OTIS Elevators 85*20*6204Z Door Hanger Roller for OTIS Elevators 140*20*6204 13VTR VVVF Geared Traction Machine for OTIS Elevators OTIS Elevator Mainboard LB C9673T G01 Simplex Operation Indicator PCB for OTIS Elevators TAA610JL1 1370 Limit Switch Xizi OTIS Elevators XAA177BW1 Steel Belt Monitoring Systems for OTIS Elevators ABE21700X2 Guide Shoe for OTIS Elevator Counterweight Guide Shoe for XiziOTIS Elevator Cabin Nylon Door Hanger Roller OTIS Elevators 85*20*6204Z OTIS Elevator WWPDB Board GBA26810A2 OTIS Elevator GECB Motherboard GAA26800LC1 OTIS Elevator DCSS5-E Door Controller GAA24350BH1 OTIS Elevator LCD Display Board DAA26800AS1 OTIS Elevator Level Transducer Leveling Inductor DAA629A1 OTIS Elevator Push Buttons DAA10204B OTIS Elevator Base Station LOP Key Switch OTIS AT120R Lift Door Controller FAA24350BK1 Rotary Encoder for OTIS MRL Elevators AAA633AJ1 OTIS Elevator Regen Inverter SSI-Jabil Circuit KDA21310AAT1 

Toshiba Elevator Spare Parts

Door Hanger Roller for Toshiba Elevators 60*16*6203 Toshiba Elevator Door Gib Door Slider Door Shoe Toshiba Elevator Oiler Oil Can J150 Guide Roller for Toshiba High Speed Elevators 150mm Toshiba Elevator COP Display Board COP-155L VVVF Door Controller TNB-VR for Toshiba Elevators Three-phase Asynchronous Motor for Toshiba Elevators TN-YTTD250 Toshiba Elevator Car Door Motor TS4507 N1228 E200 

KONE Elevator Spare Parts

Mute Brake for KONE MX10 Machine KM1341022R01 Brake Assembly for USA KONE MX10 Gearless Machine Brake Unit for KONE Elevator MX10 Gearless Machine RG100 Guide Shoe Roller for KONE Elevators 100*27/6003 RG150 Guide Shoe Roller for KONE Elevators 150*27/6003 RG150 Guide Shoe Roller for KONE Elevators 150*38/6003 KONE Lift Traction Sheave for MX18 Gearless Machine RG125 KONE MiniSpace Elevator Guide Roller 125*27/6003 SGL20 SLIDING GUIDE SHOE KONE Elevators KM51000110V003 Brake Release Wire for KONE MX20 Gearless Machine KONE Elevator Tachometer / Techogenerator KM276027 KONE Elevator Oiler Oil Can KONE Elevator Lower Door Hanger Roller 30mm KONE Elevator Door Motor KM602748G04 KONE Elevator Door Motor KM89717G06 KONE Elevator LCECEB Board KM713730G11 KONE Elevator Door Light Curtains FCU0735 | FCU0740 KONE Elevator Leveling Inductor KM86420G03 KONE Elevator Door Slider Door Shoe KM2L1M035M23 KONE Elevator Push Buttons KDS50 

Wittur Selcom Elevator Door Parts

Wittur Selcom Elevator Door Drive RCF1 Wittur Selcom Upper Door Hanger Roller 56*16*6202 Wittur Selcom Lower Door Hanger/Eccentric Roller FI442000H15 Wittur Elevator AUGUSTA ECO Door Hanger Roller KM2L1M050038 WITTUR Selcom Elevator Door Contact KF-9074 WITTUR Selcom Elevator Door Contact KF-2V Sematic Car Door Operator Controller for Schindler Elevators Wittur Selcom Elevator Door Guide Shoe 3201.05.0062 Selcom Door Lock Roller for KONE Lifts 3215.05.0037 Wittur Selcom Door Operator PCB 901140G01S Sematic Door Operator Controller SDS DC-PWM Wittur Selcom Door Operator Board S903376G01S Triangular Key for Selcom Landing Doors 3201.05.1032/C Sematic Door Controller SDS AC-VVVF BRUSHLESS HV-MV PLUS Selcom Door Lock Roller for KONE Lifts 3201.05.0013 Selcom Door Hanger Roller 3205.04.0012 Steel Wire Rope Roller for SELCOM Doors 3201.05.0010 Selcom Door Steel Wire Rope Roller 3201.05.0037 KONE Landing Door Key KM748001G01 

Hitachi Elevator Spare Parts

Guide Shoe for Hitachi Elevator Counterweight Door Hanger Roller for Hitachi Elevators 65*13*6202 Hitachi Elevator Door Hanger Roller 65*13*6202 Hitachi Elevator Cam Switch Limit Switch Hitachi Elevator Door Gib Door Slider Door Shoe Push Button for Hitachi Elevator COP / LOP Hitachi Elevator Door Operator Controlling Board DMC-1 Three-in-one Leveling Switch for Hitachi Elevators EMERSON Inverter for Hitachi Elevators EV-ECD01-4T0075 Hitachi Elevator Encoder TS5208N23 Hitachi Door Hanger Roller with M10 Self-locking Nut Traction Sheave for Hitachi Elevators Hitachi Elevator TYF Traction Sheave 724*186 Hitachi Elevator Inverter EV-ECD03-4T0110 / 11kW Frequency Inverter for Hitachi Elevators 37kW TAMAGAWA Encoder for Hitachi Elevators TS5208N130 TAMAGAWA Encoder for Hitachi Elevators TS5246N160 Door Motor Encoder for Hitachi Elevators TS5866N12 Hitachi Elevator Leveling Sensor GLS126NT-MV.NC Leveling Switch for Hitachi Elevators GLS 326 HIT 

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Spare Parts

Door Hanger Roller for ThyssenKrupp Elevators 48*14*6200 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Encoder 99500010875 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Inverter CPIK-32M1 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Door Gib Door Slider Door Shoe ThyssenKrupp Elevator Door Wire Rope Roller ThyssenKrupp Lift Door Hanger Roller 70*17* 6200 Door Gib Door Shoe for ThyssenKrupp Elevator Counterweight Guide Shoe for ThyssenKrupp Elevators Guide Shoe Insert for ThyssenKrupp Elevator CWT ThyssenKrupp Elevator Oiler Oil Can for Counterweight Switching Mode Power Supply ThyssenKrupp Lifts TDE30-27(V1) ThyssenKrupp Lift Door Drive BG101-S20P4A CEDES Leveling Sensor for ThyssenKrupp Elevators 6552087010 ThyssenKrupp LOP PCB BPP 2664.65 MOD ThyssenKrupp Elevator Door Contact 8539 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Door Guide Shoe 98*35 ThyssenKrupp Elevator S8 Door Lock Roller 40*14*15 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Door Counter Roller 30*9*6200 Car Guide Shoe for ThyssenKrupp Passenger Elevators Cabin Guide Shoe for ThyssenKrupp Passenger Lifts 

Fujitec Elevator Spare Parts

Fujitec Elevator Push Button C5FG-B2AN21A-30 Fujitec Elevator CP40A Mainboard Fujitec Elevator IF118A Driving Board Fujitec Elevator C1F-DR13 Door Controlling Board Fujitec Elevator Car Top Communication Board IF82D Fujitec Elevator Limit Switch 6148AABC1 Fujitec Elevator Door Gib Door Slider Door Shoe Magnetic Proximity Switch Fujitec Elevators PSMO-25G1 Fujitec Elevator PCB C12B-IF61G Fujitec Elevator Door Hanger Rollers 68*14*6202Z Fujitec Elevator Car Communication Board IF67 Fujitec Elevator RELAY BOARD YKA20806ABA00 Fujitec Elevator COP Communication Board IF111A Fujitec Elevator Car Communication Board IF107B NEMICON ENCODER for Fujitec Elevators SBH2-1024-2T 30-006-24 Fujitec Elevator Rotary Encoder 47HB13ZT10T9-33 Fujitec Elevator Photoelectric Sensor ADSC-93-W4 Door Hanger Roller for Fujitec Elevators Φ78×17-R8 6204ZZ TAMAGAWA Encoder for Fujitec Elevators TS5236N209 Fujitec Elevator Rotary Encoder TS5246N585 

LG Sigma Elevator Spare Parts

LG Sigma Elevator Push Buttons MTD265 LG Sigma Elevator Magnetic Proximity Sensor MPS-1600-OTIS Sigma Elevator Rotary Encoder PKT1040-1024-C15C Sigma Elevator Magnetic Proximity Switch LG Sigma Elevator COP LOP HPI Hall Lanterns Door Operator PCB DOR-220 LG Sigma Elevators Brake Control Board SDES-100 LG Sigma Elevators Push Buttons for LG Sigma Elevators Door Shoe Door Slider for LG Sigma Elevators GoldStar Elevator Door Operator PCB DCD-232 Load Weighing Device Sigma Elevator GAA24270AH413 LG Sigma Lift Push Buttons LG Sigma Passenger Elevator Original Buttons LG Sigma Elevator Mainboard DPC-130 High Speed Guide Roller LG Sigma Elevators 160*30*6203|6004 HENGSTLER Encoder for LG Sigma Elevators DAA633K1-K8A RB Brake Resistance Box Sigma Elevators LOP Indicator DHI-190 LG Elevators Relay PCB DOR-120 LG Elevators Cabin Communication Board DCL-242 for LG Sigma Elevators 

Schindler Elevator Spare Parts

Brake for Schindler 5400 Elevator 59605081 Touch Screen Display SCOPA Schindler 3300 Elevators 591888 Schindler Elevator V30 Door Hanger Roller 74*19*6203 Schindler Elevator QKS9 Door Vane 250711/250712 Schindler Elevator QKS9 Door Hanger Roller Schindler Elevator Travel Switch 292798 Schindler 3300 Elevator PCB 594175 Schindler Elevator QKS9 Door Gib / Door Shoe Schindler Elevator QKS11 Door Hanger Roller 54*17*6200 Schindler Elevator Car Top PCB SDIC 53.Q 591886 Schindler Elevator Bistable Magnetic Switch 418481 Schindler Elevator Door Operator PCB 590769 L10 CWT Guide Shoe for Schindler Elevators 5mm/10mm/16mm Schindler Elevator V30 Door Inverter 845481 Schindler 3300AP Elevator LOP V15 Door Motor for Schindler Elevators 59353550 Schindler 300P Elevator Level Transducer 434831 Schindler 5500/7000 Elevator Mainboard 594371 Schindler 3300/3600 Elevator Mainboard 591864 V30 Door Operator Encoder for Schindler 5400 Elevators 

Fermator Elevator Door Parts

Fermator Elevator Door Hanger Roller Concentric Roller Fermator Elevator Door Contact Fermator Door Drive VVVF4+ VVVF5 for Schindler Elevators Fermator Elevator Door Hanger Roller Eccentric Roller Fermator Elevator Door Wire Rope Roller Fermator Door Motor for Schindler / ThyssenKrupp Elevators Fermator Door Guide Shoe for ThyssenKrupp S200 K200 

Miscellaneous Spare Parts

BLT Lift Controller MPK708AC BLT Lift Controller MPK 708C Traction Sheave for Xizi Gearless Machine GETM3.0A ZZD1-550 Brake for Xizi Gearless Machine GETM3.0D DZD1-500 Brake Unit for Xizi Gearless Traction Machine DZD1-653 Brake Unit for Xizi Gearless Traction Machine Drum Brake for Xizi Gearless Machine GETM3.0A GETM5.5A Travel Switch for Xizi Otis Elevator Buffer 236-TR11/ZR11 Travel Switch for Xizi Otis Elevator Buffer 236-TR11A/ZR11A Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor for NBSL Door Operator Xizi Otis Elevator Door Controller DO3000 Easy-Con-T Xizi Otis Elevator Door Controller Jarless-Con Xizi Otis Elevator Door Controller Easy-Con Xizi Otis Elevator Door Controller DO3000 Easy-Con Xizi Otis Elevator LOP XAA308NA6AS / XAA308NA5AS Xizi Otis Elevator Inverter CON8005P075-4 Maintenance-free Sealed Lead-acid Battery DJW12-7.0 Rechargeable Sealed Lead-acid Battery SHR7-12 Xizi Otis Elevator NGSOK Door Motor KAA24354AAG23 Xizi Otis Elevator DO3000S PM Door Motor XTA4522ABN001 

Escalator Spare Parts

Schindler Escalator Spare Parts

Schindler Escalator Step Roller 70*25*6204 Single Action Solenoid for Schindler Escalator 897200/897396 Schindler Escalator Rotary Chain 17 Pair Rollers Schindler Escalator Step Roller Skeleton Roller 76*25*6204 Schindler 9300AE Escalator Handrail Roller Friction Pulley for Schindler Escalators 587*30*10 Schindler Escalator Mainboard 50638552-E 50606952-C Reversing Chain for Schindler 9300 Escalators Step Chain for Schindler Escalators T133.33 Aluminium Comb Plate for Schindler 9300 Escalators Floor Plate for Schindler Escalator 9300 Aluminum Step for Schindler Escalator 9300 Aluminum Step for Schindler 9300 Escalators Electric Motor for Schindler Escalator Drive ≤15kW CRW160 Gear Units for Schindler Escalator Drive Brake Motor for Schindler Escalator Drive MBS54-10 DL-35 Auxiliary Brake for Schindler Escalators Automatic Lubricator Assembly for Schindler Escalators Moving Rubber Handrail for Schindler Escalators Schindler Escalator Mainboard 387600 

KONE Escalator Spare Parts

KONE Escalator Rotating Chain KM5070679G03 Reversing Chain for KONE Escalators 22 pair Rollers R3C Aluminium Alloy Comb Plate for KONE Escalators Electric Motor for KONE Escalator Machine YFD160L1-6 Step Chain for KONE Heavy Duty Escalators KM5071468G01 Step Chain for KONE Commercial Escalators KM5009350H01 Step Chain Roller for KONE Commercial Escalators DEE4008754 KONE Escalator Comb Plate DEE3703280/3703287/3703288 KONE Escalator ECO Main Board KM3711835 KONE Escalator Mainboard KM5201321G01 Handrail Roller for KONE Escalators DEE2173045 Black Step Roller for KONE Escalators KM3685362 Handrail Roller for KONE Escalators KM5111121H01 Moving Rubber Handrail for KONE Escalators KM50014773H01 Failure Monitoring Display for KONE Escalators KM3711816 KONE Escalator Mainboard KM3711815 Brake Magnet for KONE Escalators DEE1484923 Handrail Drive Wheel for KONE Escalators KM5300917H11 Safety Extension ECO Mainboard for KONE Escalators KM3711832 ECO Automatic Mainboard for KONE Escalators KM3711836 

OTIS Escalator Spare Parts

Xizi OTIS Escalator Step Roller 76.2*21.6*6203/6204 Broken Main Drive Chain Switch OTIS Escalators GBA177HL2 Limit Switch | Entrance Safety Switch XiziOTIS Escalators Handrail Driving Wheel for OTIS Escalators DAA261NNN1 Reversing Chain for OTIS Escalator Handrail Tachometer Wheel OTIS Escalators ECB_II Mainboard for OTIS Escalators GDA26800AY1 Guide Rail for OTIS Escalator Handrail OTIS Escalator Engine / Drive 16VEC-RH OTIS Escalator Traction Machine EC-SW Double Row Chain for OTIS Escalator Handrail Plastic Wearing Strip for OTIS Escalator Handrail Moving Rubber Handrail for OTIS Escalators Pressure Sensor for OTIS Escalators GAA177GZ1 HANDRAIL PRESSURE ROLLER CHAIN ASSY for OTIS Escalators Lower Landing Panel for OTIS Escalators DAA26220BJ7 Emergency Stop Switch​ Box for OTIS Escalators DAA26220BJ8 Handrail Driving Wheel for Xizi Otis Escalators 131*30*44 Red Step Roller for Xizi OTIS Escalators 80*25*6304 Step Chain Assembly for OTIS Escalators 506NCE DAA26150A 

Fujitec Escalator Spare Parts

Fujitec Escalator Step Roller 75X23.5X6204 Reversing Chain Fujitec Public Transit Escalator Reversing Chain for Fujitec Escalators 

ThyssenKrupp Escalator Spare Parts

Handrail Driving Wheel for ThyssenKrupp Velino Escalators Rotating Chain for ThyssenKrupp Velino Escalator Brake Arm for ThyssenKrupp Escalator Machine Speed Monitor A6 for ThyssenKrupp Escalators 68005600 Photoelectricity Sensors QS30FF400Q ThyssenKrupp Escalators Motor Temperature Relay for ThyssenKrupp Escalators Step Roller for ThyssenKrupp Escalators 75*24 6204 Key Switch Assembly for ThyssenKrupp Escalator 8609000123 BK-01 Brake Controller for ThyssenKrupp Escalators Broken Chain Detection Switch for ThyssenKrupp Escalator Velocimetry Sensors ThyssenKrupp Escalator 4602050 Brake Monitoring Sensor for ThyssenKrupp Escalator 46067 ThyssenKrupp Escalator Mainboard ECT-01-A V3.0 ThyssenKrupp Escalator Step Chain Assembly / Pitch 135mm Handrail Return Guide for ThyssenKrupp Escalators FT823 Security Module for Thyssen Escalators VAA-2E2A-G12-SAJ/EA2L Proximity Sensor for Thyssen Escalators NBN4-12GM60-A2-V1 

LG Sigma Escalator Spare Parts

Step Chain Assembly for LG Sigma Escalators Yellow Plastic Comb for Sigma Escalators Step Roller for LG Sigma Escalators 80*23*6202 LG Sigma Escalator PCB SP-T4PCB 

Mitsubishi Escalator Spare Parts

Moving Rubber Handrail for Mitsubishi Escalators 80mm Handrail Driving Wheel for Mitsubishi Escalator 132*35*44 Stainless Steel STEP for Shanghai Mitsubishi Escalators Step Roller for Mitsubishi Escalators 76*25*6202 

Hitachi Escalator Spare Parts

Step Roller for Hitachi Escalators 80*25*6202 Yellow Comb Plate for Hitachi Escalators Hitachi Escalator Step Roller with TWO bearings 80*29*6202 Stainless Steel Step for Hitachi Escalators 1000mm Driving Wheel for Hitachi Escalators 141mm 158mm Hitachi Escalator Drive Assembly with Wheel 141mm 158mm Hitachi Escalator Driven Wheel 90mm Hitachi Escalator Step Roller 80*23*6202 TAMAGAWA Encoder for Hitachi Escalators TS5866N39 Proximity Sensor for Hitachi Escalators NBN40-L2-E2-V1 

Escalator Peripheral Units

Escalator Step Automatic Cleaning Machine 

Escalator Modernization

Modular Escalator Modernization

Escalator Modernization With VVVF Energy-saving Multiple Brands Escalator Drive Modernizations 

Full Escalator Replacement

CEP8100 Smart Commercial Escalators CEP8200 Public Transportation Heavy Duty Escalators 

Mechanical Parts Package Of Complete Elevator

Mechanical Parts Package Of Cargo Elevator

4:1 Mechanical Parts Package for Freight Elevators 5000kg Cargo Elevator Mechanical Parts Package 

Mechanical Parts Package Of Passenger Elevator

Mechanical Parts Package for Passenger Elevators/Lifts 

MRL / Overhead Traction Elevator Packages

Passenger Elevator Package

Overhead Traction Passenger Elevator Packages MRL Passenger Elevator Package Solutions 

Elevator Modernization

Elevator Control Modernization

Elevator Control System Modular Modernization Passenger Lift Control System Modernization 

Elevator Door Modernization

Complete Door Modernization for Multiple Brands Elevators Modernization Kits for Wittur/Selcom Augusta Landing Doors Modernization Kits for Wittur/Selcom Hydra Landing Doors Modernization Package for Sematic Fire Rated Landing Doors 

Elevator Cabin Modernization

Elevator Cabin Modernization | Replacement 

Elevator Machine Modernization

Elevator Traction Machine Modernization 

Full Elevator Replacement

CEP3300 Hospital Bed Elevators CEP3200 MRL Residential Elevators CEP3600 Small Machine Room Commercial Elevators CEP5000 Small Machine Room High Speed Passenger Elevators CEP3100 Small Machine Room Residential Elevators CEP3800 Machine-Room-Less ( MRL) Commercial Elevators 

Passenger Conveyor Spare Parts

Schindler Moving Walk Spare Parts

Aluminium Alloy Combs Schindler Moving Sidewalks Aluminium Alloy Comb Plate Schindler Moving Walks 

KONE Autowalk Spare Parts

R3C Aluminium Alloy Comb Plate KONE Autowalk 

OTIS Moving Walkways Spare Parts

Pallet Chain for OTIS Moving Walkways 606NCT OTIS Moving Walkway 606NCT Pallet 

LG Sigma Moving Walk Spare Parts

Aluminum Pallet LG Sigma Moving Walks 928mm 1128mm 

Dumbwaiter Lifts

Dumbwaiter Lifts With Manually Operated Door Dumbwaiter Lifts With Automatic Door 

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